Here’s Why You Must Invest In Organic Emu Oil

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Emu is a flightless bird native to Australia and the fat is made from their oil. According to the news, one bird produces nearly 250 ounces of oil. The biggest of the oil is how it gets absorbed into your skin. So, if you want to buy organic Emu oil from a reliable online store, you are taking the ultimate step for your skin, hair, and body. Many benefits are there in pure Australian emu oil.

The oil is rich in:

  • oleic acid (42 %)

  • palmitic acid (21 %)

  • linoleic acids (21 %)

  • antioxidants

It helps in fighting inflammation, dry skin, high cholesterol, arthritis pain and more.

Why is emu oil beneficial for you?

Using emu oil as a topical treatment is really common. You can mix it with lotions and creams and apply it directly to your skin. It helps in quick absorptions.

“You can also take emu oil as an oral supplement in the form of capsules for inflammation and cholesterol.” – the words of a professional.

1. Helps in decreasing inflammation

If you take emu oil orally, it hugely benefits your internal organs. It’s a source of fatty acids that contributes to a happy and healthy digestive system. The anti-inflammatory properties of emu oil also help in gastrointestinal diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease.

These are its other benefits

  • absorptive function

  • gastric emptying

  • intestinal transit

  • bowel, joint, and overall inflammation

2. Moisturise your body and skin

Emu oil does a fantastic job as an occlusive moisturiser. If you are suffering from tremendous dry skin or dehydration, it improves the situation by locking the moisture in your skin.

3. Reduces skin ageing

It has a positive effect on collagen production. It is one of the important compounds that keep your skin wrinkle-free and plump.

Taking care of your skin is necessary. And, if you want to buy organic Emu oil online, it’s better to choose an authentic source like Y-Not Natural.

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