Genome Hair Growth System

The Genome® Hair product system

The Genome® Hair product system is a product made by Medical Hair Restoration Australia and us, a Western Australian manufacturing company. Genome Hair is simply a revolutionary range of highly effective hair-care solutions. These are of uncompromising quality. Credit goes to our advanced formulations, technology as well as manufacturing know-how. Kate Dawes IAT is a qualified Trichologist and company director of Medical Hair Restoration Australia. She came with a vision for a range of natural products minimizing the effect of DHT on the hair follicle, with no side effects.

By consulting patients for years, Kate identified that there is an increasing demand for a natural remedy that will be suitable both for men and women suffering from hormonal problem-driven hair loss. A product is needed that will have no unwanted side effects of medications. Thus, it was a natural progression and then she found a common purpose with Mervin Anderson, the Founder and Company Director of Y-Not Natural Pty. Ltd. This method basically focuses on producing highly effective skincare solutions for the whole family. We always source the highest quality ingredients and use a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. This exceeds Australian and European standards, and the leading biochemists, pharmacists, biologists and herbalists.

Genome Hair Growth System

Our Genome line is an effective system that amplifies hair and prevents hair loss in male and female pattern baldness. Genome Hair combines the advanced 21st-century scientific knowledge with Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine hair care remedies, and ancient, time-tested, healing properties of Australian bush medicine.

The Product Range

When it comes to the major reasons for hair loss in both men and women, there are actually many of them. Generally, aspects like inflammation of the follicles, hormones, nutrition, and blood circulation contribute to hair loss. The Genome range addresses all these reasons. The Genome® product range is made of the highest quality ingredients. There is no animal testing, and it is suitable for all skin types. Most of the ingredients come from nature and the synthetic ingredients are used at a minimum. This is how we maintain the integrity and quality of products. All the ingredients used in The Genome® range are proven effective through clinical trials.

Our Philosophy

We always wanted to successfully combine 21st-century scientific knowledge with traditional, time-tested, healing properties of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Our philosophy is to source most of the ingredients from nature and limit the use of synthetic ingredients. This is how we maintain the quality of our products. We never do animal testing. Our team is committed to constant research and development and our aim is to expand the Genome Hair range in future.

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Advantages of Genome Hair

  •   Highly effective on all types of hair for both women and men
  •   Effectively treats both Male and Female Pattern Baldness
  •   Miniaturized hair will be restored with the regular use of this product
  •   Hair density is notably improved
  •   Natural alternative to the synthetic medications
  •   Sulphate Free
  •   Paraben-Free
  •   Phthalate-free
  •   Mineral oil-free
  •   TGA approved manufacturing facility
  •   No animal testing, Australian made
  •   Fragrance-free (essential oils only)
  •   Non-toxic
  •   Clinically proven safe for hair and skin