The Kalang men's and women’s fragrances are Iconic and authentic and these are a pure expression of a person's free spirit and natural sense of style. Kalang is a classic, refined and modern fragrance and this will surely inspire your true ambitions. It has a delicate, sensual, and addictive floral fragrance and it reveals casual grace. What you will truly appreciate is its delicate balance between vibrant freshness and a magnetic trail that it leaves behind. It truly brings out the charisma of an individual. These are all fresh by nature and are made of 99.9% natural ingredients. This is an intense and playful scent characterized by an instant and captivating charm.

Men's Range

This fragrance brings out the sophistication of a personality, exudes a natural charisma, and serenity and reveals the inner strength of a man. It draws attention toward him and marks his presence. The unique composition defines the true spirit of a man who creates his own destiny, who is independent and determined. Made with 99.9% natural ingredients, our Men’s Fragrance reveals sophistication and freshness. It is perfect for a modern gentleman.

Women's Range

This brings out the bold and free spirit of a woman. This reveals her invincible personality and flaunts her feminine grace. It comes with a fresh and vibrant burst that reveals the delicate touch of purity and infinite sensuality. You will surely love the contrasting signature trail of these pure Australian fragrances.


We are now introducing a wide and versatile range of brand new and exclusive make-up products featuring natural lipstick, foundation and makeup remover. All of these are made of 99.9% of natural ingredients with the added benefits. These treat skin problems and reduce scarring, redness, allergies, wrinkles, and other skin problems.


This is a liquid foundation that rejuvenates the tired skin. You will surely appreciate its exceptionally fine, fresh and lightweight aqueous formula that offers an unmatched glowing finish. As a result, you get an even, fresh, and energized complexion.


Our range of Natural lipstick is rich in natural and organic ingredients. The range of glamorous colours exudes luxury and these signature shades cover the lips in captivating colours. The colour is intensely pigmented and leaves an irresistible glossy shine. You will surely love the light, silky and satiny texture.

Make-Up Remover

This extra-gentle and non-drying cream gel melts away all the makeup and impurities on your skin. It also helps soothe the visible redness and irritation. Additionally, it preserves the skin's moisture balance. You can use it after mild exfoliation to soothe your skin. It leaves skin deeply clean, soothed, and hydrated. Contact us now to know more about our products.