Farming Partners

We have multiple farming partners and they produce a subspecies of Emu. This species provides the highest biologically active Emu oil accessible, on managed Emu farms. These farms are licensed, wildlife producers.

All these Emus are farmed in a stress-free, free-range environment. And our farming partners only use the cleanest and best feed to produce highly biologically active oil. From the production, all the Antibiotics, vaccinations, and growth hormones are excluded.

These farming partners operate their own oil-producing plants by following the ancient Aboriginal procedures. Our aim is to leave its combination of essential components absolutely intact.

They operate the licensed Emu oil rendering plant in Australia to HACCP and GMP standards. This Emu oil company is the only company in the world that directly tests the Emu oil for biological activity.

We represent a unique combination of farming, oil rendering, as well as research that guarantees complete quality control. Contact us to know more.